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We offer the latest in digital (electronic) fingerprinting services which means we provide the fastest service.  We are approved by the RCMP and Public Works Canada to take your fingerprints. Fingerprints are transmitted immediately to the RCMP.


We offer the following additional services;

Passport & other photographs

Commissioner for Oaths

Notary Services

Record Suspensions (Pardons) & Waivers.

Police Checks

We apply for your Police check also called Criminal Record Check or Criminal Background Check, quickly and efficiently.

About us

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Downtown location;

538 9th Ave SE

Calgary AB T2G 0S1

8 am - 7 pm Mon to Fri

9 am - 6 pm Saturday

Latest News

Parents move to fingerprint kids after abduction scare.

The Kienan Hebert kidnapping case has prompted a spike in formal identification requests by parents. Child Find Alberta says requests to have children fingerprinted have gone up markedly since the Sparwood B.C. kidnapping case earlier this month.

"We're looking at probably a 30 to 40 per cent increase in the number of people inquiring about our services," said Brad Bostock of Child Find Alberta. "We've seen the number of hits on our website increase as well too. So, you know, there's definitely genuine interest from parents throughout our communities looking for ways to protect their families."

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