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of the Year


Fast. Reliable. Cost effective

Fingerprinting using the latest technology

ID required

Overseas Clients

Any two (2) of the following:


Driver's Licence

Birth Certificate

Canadian Citizenship Card

Permanent Resident Card

Certificate of Indian Status

Immigration Documents i.e. work or study permits

Military Family ID card (MFID)

Record of Landing for Citizenship Applicant

Certificate of Live Birth

Nexus card


Electronic Fingerprinting $75

Electronic Fingerprinting $50 for Canadian PR or Citizenship, Government Employment

Ink & Roll fingerprints $35

Additional copies $10

Digitizing inked fingerprints $125.00 + $25 RCMP fee (if applicable)

* All fees are plus GST.

Are you outside Canada and in need of an RCMP Certificate?

We can assist you. We can digitize your inked fingerprints with Card Scan technology and submit them electronically for processing.

We will provide you with a package that you will have to take to your local police where your fingerprints will be taken. Once completed, you will have to send us the original fingerprint forms. Once received we will have the fingerprints digitized and transmitted to the RCMP.

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